Best Historical Sites To Visit Around The World

When in a conversation with James from JH Contracting a couple days ago we were talking about historical places. So here is an interesting article I wrote!! We’ve read and heard of some historical sites. Some sound too mystical, and others feel like just stories. But it’s until you find the time and visit some of these sites that you would believe every word you hear about them. 

In this article, we’ll share the best historical sites that you should consider visiting. 

Let’s get started. 

The Great Pyramid of Giza

We start our list with the only surviving ancient wonder. The pyramids of Giza in Egypt are, by far, the most famous tourist ancient tourist attraction. They host some of the oldest and sacred sites the world has ever seen. 

It’s believed that the pyramids were burial sites for pharaohs and other prominent people of ancient Egypt. The mystery adds to the spiritual place for many Egyptians. This is why Giza is regarded as a spiritual destination by many modern people. 

Christian enjoy the pilgrimage journey that the children of Israel followed when they moved from Egypt to Israel. The pyramids of Giza acts as proof of whatever the Bible talks about Egypt. 

Since 1990, people have been allowed inside the pyramids. Even if you’re not a mystical adventure, you’ll be awed by the grand scale, great age, and harmonic geometry of the pyramids. 


In the English county of Wiltshire, lies the prehistoric monument. It’s one of the famous destinations for historical lovers. 

Stonehenge is a circular setting of huge standing stones set on the ground. At its center are several hundreds of burial mounds. 

It’s believed that the iconic stone monument was set up around 3000BD.

In 1986 the site was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The English Heritage nationally protects it. 


Petra, which loosely translated means rock, is a historical site in the Ma’an, a Jordanian governorate. Petra is famous for its amazing rock-cut architecture. Here you’ll also find ancient water conduits system. 

Petra is believed to have been established back in the 6th century BC. Currently, it’s the symbol of Jordan and the most visited tourist attraction in Jordan. 

The site has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1985. 


The Colosseum is the most famous landmark in Rome. It’s believed to have been built in the 1st century AD. It’s an amazing arena that can seat up to 45,000 spectators. 

It was the largest amphitheater in the world. 

In the ancient days, it hosted gladiatorial combats, execution of early Christians, and spectacles with wild beasts. 

During the Middle Ages, the Colosseum was believed to be a martyrdom place. And that’s why it was regarded as a sacred place. 

The fact that the Colosseum has been in existence for this long is amazing. And imaging in the 1st century AD people built such large amphitheaters is amazing. 

 Parting Shot 

From the ancient pyramids of Giza to the Colosseum in Rome, you’ll enjoy the experience of visiting such historical sites. You’ll be amazed by the designs and engineering that has lasted for so many years.

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Glittered between the depths of the North Atlantic and Florida’s eastern coast, the Bahamas

Like seashells, no two holidays in the Bahamas are alike. With choices as varied as its 700 islands, it’s a place where you can discover exactly the getaway you love most—looking for a family destination, a place for lovers to sneak away, a gambling mecca, a haven for cruise passengers, or a shopper’s world market? The Bahamas is all these and a lot more.

When beach fans dream of the perfect stretch of powdery sand, lapped via seas in elegant hues of blue, they’re likely dreaming of the Bahamas. Once a haven for pirates, the islands are now a playground for the wealthy and famous, and anyone who fancies world-class fishing, boating, diving, snorkeling, and sailing.

The other Bahamas islands, affectionately known as the Out Islands, cluster into groups, and each has its distinct character and charm. Slung like pearls throughout the shallow Bahama Banks, the Abacos, and Exumas provide some of the world’s fantastic waters for boating and sailing. 

The other islands all provide something for discerning tourists. From the big sport fishing of Bimini and Harbour Island’s pink-sand beaches to bonefishing, regattas, and uncrowded outer cays, it is tough to beat the Bahamas. For those touring around the New Year, don’t pass over the throbbing drums and kaleidoscopic costumes of Junkanoo, the nation’s most famous festival.

Plan your sightseeing and discover more about the exceptional locations to go to in these idyllic islands with this list of the Bahamas’ top attractions. Find out even more at

Atlantis Paradise Island

It’s one of the top lodges in the Bahamas. This salmon-pink splashy resort evocatively recreates the legend of Atlantis in a luxurious hotel, leisure complex, aquarium, and water park. 

In the oceanic habitat at Atlantis Bahamas, hammerhead sharks and swordfish swim via glowing open-air pools. You’ll also discover lots of shops, restaurants, and leisure venues here. The fantasy sea theme continues all through all the Atlantic attractions, capturing the creativeness of young and old alike.


One of the most charming cruise ship ports in the Caribbean, Nassau, Bahamas, nevertheless manages to allure visitors. 

Things to do in Nassau, you’ll find masses of options. Enjoy on the white sands of Cable Beach; explore the shops, restaurants, museums, and candy-colored colonial structures of downtown and Bay Street; and shop for souvenirs at the Nassau Straw Market.

Andros Island

The Bahama’s most remarkable landmass, Andros, is a haven for anglers and divers. The island is home to the barrier reef, globally recognized the third largest and many freshwater blue drops and underwater caves, creating an underwater wonderland for those who love to discover under the sea.

Fly fishing is additionally big here – Andros is frequently referred to as the bonefishing capital of the world, thanks to its perfect habitats for this prized catch. The island’s huge wetlands create channels that are top fishing and boating areas.

Treasure Cay Beach, Great Abaco Island

Circling the eastern shore of Great Abaco, Treasure Cay Beach is frequently voted one of the world’s most stunning seashores. This magnificent stretch of flour-soft sand and aqua water wows site visitors who come here to bask on its creamy, crescent-shaped shore.

Elbow Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Big-Game Fishing in the Biminis, Long Island, Blue Lagoon Island, Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, Harbour Island, Grand Bahama Island. All these places are worth giving a tour with your family or friends.


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